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Vice President William Lai's Lecture Shares Taiwan's Maritime Future Vision

Vice President Lai Visits NTOU


After a gap of three years, Vice President William Lai Ching-Te (賴清徳) returned to the National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) for a lecture. On October 26, under the theme "Taiwan's Vision as a Maritime Nation (台灣的海洋國家願景)," he shared insights on maritime policies and the policy vision of the "National Project of Hope (國家希望工程)." Over 300 NTOU students and faculty enthusiastically attended, with not a single seat left vacant.

Vice President Lai opened by emphasizing NTOU's significant contribution to cultivating maritime talent. He expressed gratitude to the professors in various colleges for their active involvement in ocean research and their assistance in developing related technologies. He particularly highlighted their roles in establishing green energy industries and nurturing expertise in wind power, all of which greatly contribute to Taiwan's pursuit of marine energy, renewable energy, and a net-zero transformation.


Vice President Lai Visits NTOU
President Hsu Tai-wen presented a certificate of appreciation to Vice President Lai.


During his speech, Vice President Lai stressed Taiwan's connectivity to the world through its oceans. Using Keelung as an example, he pointed out its role as a homeport for cruise ships, a crucial point for national defense autonomy, and the primary location of NTOU, a key base for cultivating marine talent. He underscored Taiwan's economic strength and its significance in the Indo-Pacific region. He stated that peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait are fundamental to global security and prosperity, adding that Taiwan should ambitiously explore and fully utilize the oceans. Oceans should no longer be seen as boundaries that restrict progress but as bridges to the world.


Vice President Lai Visits NTOU
NTOU students and faculty enthusiastically seized the opportunity to ask Vice President Lai questions.


Following the lecture, Vice President Lai answered questions from the audience, with both students and faculty actively participating. One student made a plea for the university not to be overlooked in future ocean planning, emphasizing NTOU's strength in marine science and ecological sustainability. In response, Vice President Lai reiterated that at least three times during his speech, he stressed the importance of Taiwan, as a maritime nation, leveraging NTOU's expertise to support various policy dimensions.


Vice President Lai Visits NTOU Vice President Lai Visits NTOU

Vice President Lai posed for a group photo with NTOU students and faculty.


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