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Mullet and Its Aquaculture

Mullet and Its Aquaculture

ISBN: 978-986-99811-7-0

The editor (Dr. I Chiu Liao) served at the National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU; 2003~2021) after retiring from the Taiwan Fisheries Research Institute (TFRI), now Fisheries Research Institute, COA. The co-editor (Dr. Eduardo M. Leaño) is currently working at the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific based in Bangkok, Thailand.  This book, Mullet and Its Aquaculture, is their fifth edited book together during Dr. Liao’s time at NTOU, following the publication of Cobia Aquaculture: Research, Development and Commercial Production (February, 2007), The Aquaculture of Groupers (August, 2008), Milkfish Aquaculture in Asia (March, 2010), and Progress of Shrimp and Prawn Aquaculture in the World (January, 2016). These books were written by top experts and scholars in respective research fields, and each covered the biology, production, economic importance of various fish species. In particular, this book also dealt with the socio-cultural aspect of mullet fisheries, making it a highly readable account among all our edited books.


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