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Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023: NTOU Showcases Advanced Innovations and Wins 6 Awards

Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023


The grand and largest annual international technology exchange event, the "Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023," took place from October 12th to 14th at the Taipei World Trade Center. It showcased numerous cutting-edge technologies from our country. National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) contributed with 6 forward-looking inventions, including "Maggot Carrier Feeds, Manufacturing Method, and its Applications(蠅蛆載體飼料、其製造方法及其用途)," "Molecular Characterization Method and System for Taiwan Tilapia Strains(台灣鯛品系之分子特徵鑑別方法及其系統)," "Composition Using Sarcodia Suieae Extract as a Remedy for Vesicular Stomatitis Virus(以海木耳萃取物作為抑制水疱性口炎病毒之組合物及其用途)," "Auxiliary Handling Method(輔助搬運方法)," "Cell Quality Prediction System, Method, and Automatic Anomaly Detection Method(細胞品質預測系統、方法及其異常數據自動偵測方法)," and "Wave Blocking Ship(擋浪船)." These innovations received a total of 6 awards, including 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, 2 bronze medals, and 1 enterprise special award, affirming NTOU's outstanding research and development capabilities.


The enterprise special award and the silver medal were granted to Professor Meng-chou Lee(李孟洲)'s team in the Department Of Aquaculture. They utilized Sarcodia suieae extract to develop a vaccine or treatment for Vesicular Stomatitis Virus. Sarcodia suieae is rich in active substances, typically used for culinary purposes. Through special extraction methods, Professor Lee's team not only eliminated cell toxicity but also demonstrated through in vitro cell experiments the ability to increase cell survival rates and reduce the activity of the Vesicular Stomatitis Virus, thereby suppressing the production of new viruses.


The team led by Professor Li-li Chen(陳歷歷) from the Institute of Marine Biology received the bronze medal for their invention, the "Maggot Carrier Feeds(蠅蛆載體飼料)." This innovation employs common fly larvae as carriers for oral vaccines in aquaculture, facilitating the efficient delivery of proteins to organisms. It can be applied in various aquaculture and marine biology contexts, aiding in animal feed, bio-restoration, seedling or adult cultivation, and offering a low-cost, sustainable feed option. Fly larvae reproduce rapidly and efficiently convert certain organic waste materials into specific proteins, enhancing disease resistance and productivity in animals.


Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023 Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023

(Left)Prof. Meng-chou Lee's team used Sarcodia suieae extract to develop a vaccine or treatment for Vesicular Stomatitis Virus.
(Right) Prof. Li-li Chen's team developed a maggot carrier feed that can be used as an oral vaccine for aquaculture animals.


The team of Professor Chang-wen Huang(黃文章), Associate Professor Hong-yi Gong(龔紘毅), and Assistant Professor Te-hua Hsu(徐德華) from the Department Of Aquaculture won a gold medal for their "Molecular Characterization Method and System for Taiwan Tilapia Strains." This technology focuses on molecular markers for selective breeding, leading to the cultivation of Taiwan Tilapia strains with various desirable traits such as disease resistance, cold tolerance, and salinity resistance. This precision breeding technique also received the 19th National Innovation Award Taiwan in the Academic-Research Innovation Award (Agriculture and Food Biotechnology). The derived Taiwan Tilapia-related application technologies have been transferred to Sheng-Diao Aquatic Technology Ltd., enhancing overall fish fry quality and promoting sustainable aquaculture practices, thus creating new value in the industry.


Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023
The TABT Aquaculture Breeding Team from NTOU, including Associate Prof. Chang-wen Huang, Associate Prof. Hong-yi Gong, and Assistant Prof. Te-hua Hsu, received a Gold Medal for their technology.


Professor Jung-hua Wang(王榮華) from the Department of Electrical Engineering, who received a gold medal, led a team in collaboration with Taichung Veteran General Hospital, along with industries such as Sofiva Genomics Co. Ltd and Chelpis Quantum Tech CO., LTD., to develop a Cell Quality Prediction System and an Automatic Anomaly Detection Method(細胞品質預測系統與自動偵測異常數據方法). Using a generative model approach, the system can be customized based on the individual user, region, or ethnicity. It automatically adjusts the embryo implantation rate prediction model, successfully improving the accuracy and reliability of embryo quality assessment, achieving the best embryo implantation rate while avoiding the risk of multiple pregnancies. Simultaneously, it streamlines the cumbersome data exchange process, reducing the risk of data leakage.

Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023
Prof. Jung-hua Wang's team collaborated with industry to develop a Cell Quality Prediction System and an Automatic Anomaly Detection Method.


Professor Young-zher Kehr(柯永澤), an Honorary Professor from the Department of Systems Engineering & Naval Architecture, was honored with a bronze medal for his innovative technology to extend construction days for offshore wind power projects, known as the "Wave Blocking Ship(擋浪船)." Given the severe wind and wave conditions in the Taiwan Strait from October to March, this patent features a unique design that significantly reduces wave interference, enhancing operational efficiency during construction. Furthermore, it aids in transporting personnel to wind turbine foundations, making offshore wind farm maintenance more efficient compared to costly service operation vessels (SOV).


Taiwan Innotech Expo 2023
Honorary Prof. Young-zher Kehr was awarded a Bronze Medal for his innovative technology.


As NTOU celebrates its 70th anniversary, the university has achieved significant success in inventiveness exhibitions since 2013. These accomplishments include 5 platinum awards, 12 gold medals, 8 silver medals, and 11 bronze medals, showcasing the institution's excellence in innovation and technological development. The future objective is to enhance innovative research and development among faculty and students, integrating academic research into industrial applications, fostering creative business opportunities, engaging in industry-academia collaboration, patent technology transfer, patent product commercialization, and supporting sustainable industrial development.

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