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A Unique Weekend on Beigan Island! NTOU Matsu Campus Anniversary Charity Carnival

Matsu Anniversary


In celebration of National Taiwan Ocean University's 70th-anniversary, the Matsu Campus hosted an Anniversary Charity Carnival on October 14th, bringing joy to both visitors and local residents. This grand event was meticulously planned by NTOU students, who designed a variety of interactive games and activities inspired by their own childhood memories, ensuring that both adults and children could have a delightful time. Laughter and merriment filled the air, creating a joyful and heartwarming atmosphere. The event also featured a wide range of food stalls and a handcraft art market, selling delicious snacks and exquisite handmade crafts, allowing visitors to savor culinary delights while reconnecting with the simple joys of childhood.


The Matsu Campus Administrative Office hopes that the Anniversary Charity Carnival will serve as a platform for joyous exchanges. Through these activities, they aim to share the happiness of the anniversary with the local community and visitors, leaving every participant with cherished memories and the satisfaction of spending an unforgettable Saturday. This event also seeks to promote interaction between the Matsu Campus and the local community, collectively welcoming brighter days. May this grand event leave lasting memories and become a shared beautiful experience for everyone.


Matsu Anniversary Matsu Anniversary

A variety of interactive games and activities that bring joy to both adults and children.


Following the Anniversary Charity Carnival, the Matsu Campus will host the Beach Cleanup Event on the following Friday, October 20th, at Banli Beach. This event is a collaboration with the Banli Village Office and Banli Community Development Association, emphasizing NTOU's identity as a university with expertise in marine matters. The event aims to raise awareness of marine conservation, encourage the reduction of single-use waste, and inspire more people to care about coastal environments.


The beach cleanup also symbolizes a sincere tribute to the sea. The Matsu Campus Administrative Office looks forward to using this cleanup event to highlight the campus's commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. Through practical action, they hope to jointly safeguard the environment, particularly the Banli Beach, which is closely connected to the Matsu Campus community. This is a continuous effort to fulfill social responsibility and the hope that such activities will gather more people to contribute to the ocean and the environment.

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