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NTOU's 70th Anniversary Celebration Welcomes Alumni Back from All Over the World



National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) marked its 70th founding anniversary with a magnificent ceremony held on October 14th at the Yu Le Hall. The event, graced by 85 tables of esteemed guests, featured the recognition of outstanding alumni from its 112th year and the presentation of honorary alumni awards. Over 300 alumni from various corners of the globe returned to their cherished alma mater to partake in the jubilant festivities. The occasion was also notable for the unveiling of several completed campus developments, showcasing the evolving landscape of this prestigious institution.


Video Message from President Ing-wen Tsai


A special video message from President Ing-wen Tsai(蔡英文) celebrated NTOU's 70 years of educational excellence, expressing optimism for the university's continued growth in forward-looking fields that nurture exceptional talents.


NTOU's 70th Anniversary Celebration reached a global audience through online live streaming, uniting faculty, students, and alumni worldwide in celebrating the university's rich heritage. Distinguished dignitaries, including Vice Premier Wen-tsan Cheng (鄭文燦) of the Executive Yuan, Chairperson Bi-ling Kuan (管碧玲) of the Ocean Affairs Council, President Jia-chyuan Su (蘇嘉全) of the Taiwan-Japan Relations Association, Chung-ming Wang (王忠銘), County Magistrate of Lienchiang County, and Kuan-jen Chen (陳冠人), Vice County Magistrate, Yung-chiang Chang (張永江), Chairman of the Lienchiang County Council, Shun-chin Lee (李順欽), Chairman of CPC Corporation, and many more, graced the event with their blessings. President Jason Lin (林見松), the Advisor to the NTOU Alumni Association, and Chairman Kuang-hsiang Wang (王光祥) of the Distinguished Alumni Association, along with alumni associations from various regions, joined the on-site celebration.


70thanniversary 70thanniversary
70thanniversary 70thanniversary

President of NTOU, Prof. Tai-wen Hsu; Vice Premier of the Executive Yuan, Mr. Wen-tsan Cheng; Chairman of the OAC, Mrs. Bi-ling Kuan; President of Advisor to the NTOU Alumni Association, Mr. Jason Lin gave a warm speech to NTOU.


President Tai-wen Hsu (許泰文) expressed NTOU's commitment to its motto of "Honesty, Simplicity, Fraternity, Perseverance (誠、樸、博、毅)." Over the years, the collective efforts of successive presidents, dedicated alumni, and hardworking colleagues have elevated NTOU into a world-class university renowned for its excellence in marine science and technology. The university's devotion to outstanding teaching and distinctive research has made a profound impact across various domains with global significance. NTOU's outreach to the local community has generated positive change, while its aspirations extend to broader contributions in the realm of marine science. President Hsu expressed heartfelt gratitude to the faculty, staff, alumni, and partners whose unwavering support has solidified NTOU's reputation as a pioneering institution in marine studies.


In his opening remarks, Vice Premier Wen-tsan Cheng (鄭文燦) described NTOU as the cradle of marine technology talent, emphasizing the government's commitment to supporting the university's journey towards excellence in diverse fields. Addressing the imperatives of sustainable development, Vice Premier Cheng highlighted the increasing significance of ocean conservation. Taiwan's legislative efforts in ocean-related matters, such as marine pollution, the promotion of the marine industry, and forthcoming marine conservation laws, underscore the pivotal role NTOU must play. The university's expertise is instrumental in shaping Taiwan's marine development, encompassing sustainable fisheries, aquaculture, marine technology, resource utilization, and offshore wind power.


Chairperson Bi-ling Kuan (管碧玲) of the Ocean Affairs Council underscored Taiwan's identity as an oceanic nation and the universal language of the sea. She commended NTOU for its seven-decade-long journey of growth, mirroring Taiwan's industrial development. NTOU's contributions have transcended maritime affairs and fisheries, expanding into science, engineering, arts, humanities, and law. The university's comprehensive approach makes it an indispensable partner in Taiwan's marine industry research, oceanic affairs development, and industrial enhancement. This close collaboration with the Ocean Affairs Council has seen many of its prominent talents emerge from NTOU, further enriching Taiwan's oceanic development. Notable alumni from NTOU have assumed key positions in organizations such as the Coast Guard Administration, a testament to the university's role as a nurturing ground for marine expertise and a vital contributor to Taiwan's ocean development.


Lienchiang County Magistrate Chung-ming Wang (王忠銘) highlighted the strong partnership between NTOU and the county, characterized by the county's vast 6,520 square kilometers of sea. This partnership has significantly bolstered the county's two primary economic lifelines: tourism and the wine industry. The Lienchiang County Government remains committed to fostering NTOU talents and aims to achieve mutual growth. With the promotion of Matsu International Art Island, NTOU's expertise in river and ocean engineering has played a crucial role in airport construction, enhancing the experience for residents and visitors eager to explore the beauty of Matsu.


Jason Lin (林見松), President of the National Alumni Association, celebrated NTOU's seven decades of nurturing outstanding talents and propelling the marine industry and marine science. NTOU's contributions to the nation have been a source of pride for all its members. Creating a top-tier NTOU has been a shared goal and belief of successive generations of faculty and students. The university's commitment to expanding international cooperation, forging partnerships, and producing research with international impact has set it on a trajectory of global influence. Jason Lin expressed gratitude to senior members, the dedicated faculty and staff, and all the successful alumni who serve as inspirational models for younger generations. He acknowledged the boundless curiosity and the spirit of learning that younger students bring, infusing the university with creativity, vitality, and boundless potential. NTOU's journey of hard work will persist into the future, with the alumni association standing as a steadfast support pillar.


Our 11 distinguished alumni from various field in the year 2023.


NTOU proudly recognized 11 distinguished alumni from various fields in the year 2023. This illustrious group includes Prof. Ju-ming Wang (王育民), Dean of the College of Bioscience and Biotechnology at National Cheng Kung University; Mr. Yuan-hsiang Chu (朱元祥), Chairman of Shu-Te University and Shu-Te Home-Economics & Commercial High School; Mr. Jung-chung Kuo (郭榮宗), Senior Advisor to the Legislative Yuan; Director Shih-feng Chen (陳世鋒) of Keelung Customs; Mr. Wu (吳俊岳), Director of TED Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.; Mr. Lin (林耿立), Chairman of Evergreen Steel Corporation; Mr. Chen (陳威昌), General Manager of Kinpo Electronics, Inc.; Mr. Li-en Liu (劉立仁), Chairman of Dinos-T International Corporation; Mr. Liu (劉昌樹), General Manager of Standard Foods Group; Mr. Liu (劉進義), Chairman of the Taiwan Association of Hydraulic Engineer; and Vice Chairman Mr. Hsieh Ching-hui (謝清輝) of HI-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd.


The prestigious honorary alumni awards were conferred upon County Magistrate Chung-ming Wang (王忠銘) and Chairman Yung-chiang Chang (張永江), recognizing Lienchiang County's substantial support for NTOU's Matsu campus and the collaborative efforts to establish Matsu as an international marine carbon exchange hub. Generous donations from YangMing Marine Transport Corp., the Shiuh-Li Foundation, and Tatung Company, chaired by Kuang-hsiang Wang, were acknowledged with the Crystal Trophy and Gold Medal. These donations, regardless of their size, contribute to the broader sea, where individual flows combine to create a vast ocean. Education stands as an enduring and idealistic endeavor, a noble cause spanning generations, and these contributions from various sectors are deeply appreciated for nurturing future marine talents for the nation.


New Book "Riding the Wind and Waves" is published.


In a new milestone for NTOU, the university partnered with Commonwealth Magazine to publish the book "Riding the Wind and Waves (乘風躍浪)." This book showcases NTOU's transformative journey into a leading international university with accomplishments spanning various fields, including smart aquaculture, wave energy generation, submarine afforestation, wind energy, algae-based disease treatment, and carbon reduction. NTOU's research in these areas has earned global recognition. The book unveils 31 action plans that encompass economic innovation, humanitarian care, ecological conservation, and future prospects, offering diverse answers to the university's mission and values. The book's foreword, penned by Honorary Alumni James Si Cheng Chao (趙錫成) and Elaine Lan Chao (趙小蘭), former U.S. Secretary of Transportation, underscores NTOU's pivotal role in marine affairs and talent development.


President Tai-wen Hsu (許泰文) emphasized NTOU's commitment to accelerating its progress, guided by the motto "Honesty, Simplicity, Fraternity, Perseverance (誠、樸、博、毅)." Fearless in the face of challenges, NTOU is committed to inclusivity, eager to embrace diverse perspectives. This commitment opens up a realm of boundless possibilities for the oceanic nation and aims to enhance international benchmarks across various dimensions. By infusing international elements into its expansion, NTOU is on a mission to spotlight its role in Taiwan's marine development and expertise on the global stage.


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