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Matsu Campus Educational Achievements Exhibition for Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of NTOU

Matsu Events

As a significant institution in the field of marine sciences in Taiwan, National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) has been committed to nurturing outstanding marine professionals. The Matsu Campus, the first NTOU campus outside the main island of Taiwan, marked a new milestone in higher education for Matsu, and NTOU continues to collaborate with Lienchiang County government to promote local industrial development. In preparation for NTOU's 70th anniversary celebration on October 14th, the Matsu Administrative Office is hosting a series of exciting events. The "Educational Achievements Exhibition" will run until October 20th, welcoming alumni and local residents to experience NTOU's educational accomplishments and spirit.

NTOU's Matsu Campus officially started enrolling students in the 2017 academic year, offering three bachelor's degree programs in "Marine Biotechnology," "Ocean Engineering and Technology," And "Ocean Business Management." Students spend three years at the main campus and one year in Matsu. More than 400 marine professionals with diverse backgrounds and local experiences have been nurtured, and over 100 students and faculty are actively engaged in research and learning in the Matsu Campus.

The Educational Achievements Exhibition is currently on display in Room 113 and showcases NTOU's educational achievements in Matsu, covering five main themes: the history and operation model of the Matsu Campus, student clubs and activities, community service, long-distance teaching, and industry collaboration. The exhibition aims to provide a deeper understanding of the campus for the fifth batch of students who arrived in Matsu this academic year and allow NTOU alumni and local residents to appreciate the university's educational accomplishments and efforts.


Matsu Events Matsu Events

Matsu Educational Achievements Exhibition provides visitors with a deeper understanding of NTOU's educational accomplishments and efforts and visitors are captivated by the explanations.


Additionally, on the day of the 70th anniversary celebration on October 14th, the Matsu Campus will host the Charity Carnival on campus. The carnival will feature a marketplace selling student-made creative products and local delicacies prepared by residents of Beigan Township. There will also be family-friendly interactive games, and the proceeds from the event will be donated to non-profit organizations. Faculty, students, alumni, and local community members are all invited to join in celebrating NTOU's birthday and strengthening the connection between NTOU's Matsu Campus and the local community.

To promote marine conservation and reduce the use of disposable waste, on October 20th, there will be the Beach Cleanup event in collaboration with the Banli Village Office, Community Development Association of Banli, and NTOU at Banli Beach. This event is a practical demonstration of environmental protection and a tribute to the sea.

This anniversary celebration is not only a proud moment for National Taiwan Ocean University but also a significant event for the Matsu region. Director Lin Tai-Yuan of the Matsu Administrative Office looks forward to the participation of NTOU alumni, visitors, and local residents in celebrating NTOU's 70th anniversary. The beautiful Banli Beach will serve as a backdrop to appreciate the ocean's beauty and the joy of the anniversary. They also hope that these activities will promote interaction and communication with the local community, aiming for mutual prosperity between NTOU's Matsu Campus and the local area.


Matsu Campus Anniversary Celebration Events:
(1) Educational Achievements Exhibition

Dates: 1st Oct. (Sun) – 20th Oct. (Fri)

Location: National Taiwan Ocean University Matsu Campus

(2) Charity Carnival
Date: 14th Oct (Sat) 10:00-15:00

Location: National Taiwan Ocean University Matsu Campus

(3) Beach Cleanup
Date: 20th Oct (Fri) 10:00-12:00

Location: National Taiwan Ocean University Banli Beach

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