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34 Scholars from NTOU Included in the 2022 World's Top 2% Scientists List



Recently, Stanford University in the United States published the latest "World's Top 2% Scientists" list. National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) had 27 scholars included in the "Career-Long Impact Ranking (1960-2022)" and 18 scholars included in the "Annual Scientific Impact Rankings (2022)," with a total of 34 professors and researchers on the list when accounting for non-duplication. Their research spans various disciplines, including applied science, natural science, economics, and social sciences, showcasing NTOU's outstanding contributions to academia that have received international recognition.

The "World's Top 2% Scientists" list is compiled by the team of John P.A. Ioannidis at Stanford University using the largest global citation abstract database, Scopus, and is published by Mendeley Data, a subsidiary of Elsevier. It uses six key indicators for evaluation: total citation counts, Hirsch h-index, the Schreiber Hm-index adjusted for co-authorship, sole authorship, sole or first authorship, and citation counts for sole/first or last authors' papers, reflecting the academic impact of scholars.

The analysis team updated the data until the end of 2022 and calculated based on all Scopus authors up to October 1, 2023, to select the top 2% scientists globally. The list covers 22 major disciplines and 174 subfields, ultimately featuring approximately 100,000 scientists, divided into two lists: " Career-Long Impact Ranking (1960-2022)" and "Annual Scientific Impact Rankings (2022)."

Wen-Jer Chang, the Dean of Research & Development Department, NTOU, stated that in both lists, the university had a total of 34 professors and researchers included, and the number increased compared to the previous year, whether in the "Academic Career Scientific Impact Rankings" or the "Annual Scientific Impact Rankings." This indicates the continuous rise in the international influence of the university's faculty in the academic community.

Original Source: https://elsevier.digitalcommonsdata.com/datasets/btchxktzyw/


In the two "World's Top 2% Scientists" lists, NTOU had 34 scholars included, and the names are listed in alphabetical order. Scholars with a blue background were included in both lists.

(Professor Hsuan Shih, Lee was seconded to Ming Chuan University as the President since August 1, 2022).

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