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President Tai-Wen Hsu of NTOU Leads Delegation to Three U.S. Universities to Expand International Cooperation and Exchange


From August 7th to August 11th, President Tai-Wen Hsu(許泰文) of National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) led a delegation to the United States for a five-day academic and cultural exchange visit. The visit to three renowned universities, the University of the West (UWest), SUNY Maritime College, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology, aimed to facilitate academic cooperation, knowledge exchange, and broaden international perspectives.

During the visit, the NTOU delegation first arrived at the University of the West (UWest) on August 7th, where they received a warm welcome from President Minh-Hoa Ta. Both sides discussed collaboration in the field of business management, emphasizing the enhancement of teaching and research resources, fostering faculty and student exchanges, and nurturing globally-minded talents. On August 10th, the delegation visited SUNY Maritime College, engaging in active discussions with President Michael Alfultis and his team. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed to establish a dual Master’s degree in science and business management, expanding opportunities for students to pursue cross-border education. Lastly, on August 11th, NTOU representatives visited the New Jersey Institute of Technology and met with President Teik C. Lim, exploring opportunities for cooperation in teaching and research. The meeting aimed to collaboratively address societal and industry challenges and achieve outstanding academic accomplishments through mutually beneficial exchanges.

The NTOU delegation consisted of President Tai-Wen Hsu, Vice President Cheng-Yu Ku(顧承宇), Dean of International Affairs Yu-Wei Chang(張祐維), Chair of the Department of Shipping & Transportation Management Feng-Ming Tsai(蔡豐明), Alumni Service Center Director Ying-Ying Wu(吳瑩瑩), Alumni Service Center Staff Hui-Wen Lin(林惠文), NTOU Alumni Association President Chein-Sung Lin(林見松), NTOU Outstanding Association Secretary-General Shin-Min Lee(李新民), and Yen-Chu Lee(李燕珠).

This visit highlights NTOU's active engagement in the realm of international education and its continuous commitment to promoting international exchange and collaborations. The university endeavors to provide more opportunities for students to pursue cross-border studies, cultivate outstanding talents, and jointly strive for exceptional academic achievements and educational development goals.


delegation Delegation delegation

From left to right: Uwest, SUNY, NJIT


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